Public Skate

Ice Skating Is Fun At KLA!

Public Skating Schedule

Public skating sessions are subject to change due to hockey tournaments and other rink events. An up-to-date schedule is always available online:

`Admission Fees

  • Adult (age 11 & up): $8
  • Child (age 10 & under): $5
  • Skate Rental: $3

Weekend Sessions

We often offer afternoon and evening public skate sessions on weekends.

Our evening sessions are lit by colored disco lights, with the overhead lights turned off. These sessions typically attract a lively group of skaters, and may be intimidating for younger children.

Our afternoon sessions are fully lit, and may be a more comfortable option for kids and other folks looking for a calmer time to enjoy the ice.

How to Dress

The rink temperature fluctuates throughout the year, but we recommended dressing in layers regardless of the temperature outside.

A trip to the rink should include:

  • sweater / sweatshirt
  • coat
  • hat
  • gloves / mittens
  • helmet and other protective gear, if desired

You may find that you don't need your warmest clothes year-round, but it's a good idea to bundle up until you're familiar with the environment.

During warmer months when you may not be wearing socks, don't forget to bring a pair!

Protective Gear

Helmets and knee pads, elbow pads, etc. are welcome and encouraged!

No sticks or pucks can be used during public skating sessions, but skaters may wear hockey gear.

We do not have helmets or other gear to loan out for public skate; please bring any protective equipment you would like to wear with you.


Group Skate

Please contact the rink office weekdays to let us know in advance when you plan to skate with a group of 15+. On the day that you skate, you can make a single payment for the group.

Call the rink office for details and scheduling.


Public Skate Passes

Come here often? Sign up for your public skate pass!

These monthly passes allow you to choose the months you want to skate.

COST: $35 per month/per person

Public Skate passes gives you access to unlimited skating during the available Public Skating sessions. The cost of skate passes can not be prorated. Passes are valid from the first of the month to the last day of the month.



Rules Of The Rink On The Ice

  • No Food or Gum on the ice
  • No use of cell phones or other electronic devices
  • No back packs worn or carried on the ice
  • No carrying people above the waist on the ice
  • No whips, racing, or tag
  • No tobacco, chew, vapors in the facility
  • No sunflower seeds
  • No cursing
  • No sitting on the walls or barriers
  • No walking on cement or stairs with skates
  • No walking on the ice without skates
  • No pushing or shoving
  • No throwing snow
  • No one is permitted on the ice when zamboni doors are open
  • Participating and viewing is at your own risk
  • No skate tricks with the free leg above the knee

These rules are in place for the safety of the skaters; any offenders can be removed from the rink.