Sensory-Friendly Public Skate

Saturday, April 16th

We hope you’ll join us on Easter Weekend for a sensory-friendly alternative to our typical weekend public skate sessions. We’ll be keeping the lights and music low, and this session will be held on a low-activity afternoon at the rink.

Rental skates are available in toddler through large adult sizes, and a limited number of skating aids will be available for kids ages 5 and under. Anyone accompanying a skater but preferring not to skate can enjoy the afternoon from benches and bleachers overlooking the ice.

Standard public skate admission fees will apply (no fee for non-skaters).

For general information about our public skate sessions, please see our main public skate page.

We look forward to seeing you!

P.S. We appreciate any ways in which you’re able to help us provide a sensory-friendly environment for this event – for example, minimizing the use of scented body products, using headphones for personal music and videos, etc.