KLA Facilities Statement

On 11/21/2021, we evacuated the entire building out of precaution to check the CO levels in the building. The building was immediately vented. After inspection, it was determined that there was no Glycol leak and no immediate reason for increased levels of CO.

The building does have CO sensors installed throughout the entire building. None of our sensors’ alarms went off. The sensors in the building are set to alarm at levels of over 60ppm for a period of 60 – 230 minutes.

After some discussions with Lebanon County Hazmat, we have increased the number of sensors throughout the building, and we will be instructing employees to run the exhaust fans during ice cuts. The resurfacer machines have all been inspected by an outside company, and they were/are running properly.

Employees will be educated on CO safety level guidelines, and will be trained on how to monitor the levels and when further action would be needed.

We will continue to work with outside agencies to ensure KLA is a safe environment for our customers and employees. We appreciate your patience as we will continue to implement additional safety measures as needed.


Klick Lewis Arena Management