Freestyle Sessions

Open Freestyle

Open Freestyle sessions are reserved for figure skaters to practice jumps, spins, programs, and skills in practice or private lesson.

Sign in at the front desk upon arrival. Cost is ($15 per hour) or ($23 for and hour and a half) or ($25 for 2 hours) for club members and ($20 per hour) or ($30 for 2 hours) and  for non-club members. Minimum purchase of one hour per skater, subsequent time can be purchased in half or whole hours.

Open Freestyle sessions are subject to schedule change, so please refer to TODAY AT KLA on our homepage for updated schedule.

Early Bird open freestyle sessions are scheduled through designated private coaches. All skaters are responsible to sign in on the Early Bird sheet (rinkside) and supply appropriate payment (cash, check, or Freestyle/KLA Card with last 4 digits). Coaches are also responsible for skater sign in and payment.