Summer Hockey: 12 game guarantee, mostly play on Tuesday nights starting at 8:00pm

The BHL Summer Leagues will start in May and they will be better than ever. Compliment your off-season regimen with a quality game one day per week.

Serious hockey for the serious players.

New Location for games: Now in its 2nd season, the Bergeron Hockey League, the best Summer hockey in Central Pa with its home base in Palmyra. The Klick Lewis Arena will give the leagues an additional sheet of ice and an opportunity for more, high quality teams to participate with better ice times. Last season over 30 players participated in the Pro-AM leagues. This year we hope to double the number of players, while making it easier for quality players from the area to participate, and to give everyone more quality opponents. 

D1 talent in the Pro Am division, College players have always been a part of the Pro AM and this year will be no exception and countless other NCAA and Ex-Pro Hockey players. This is not your father’s men’s league.

The League will begin May 16th of this summer and will run all the way through August 15th with all players getting 12 games guaranteed plus playoffs at a cost of $200 per player.

Summary of Divisions

The Bergeron Pro-Am Division will feature an Elite level of competition for the experienced player or for college players aged 18 and over as of our start date. ALL players must be approved by Antoine Bergeron before accepting payment. This league has historically been the strongest in the area and will look to keep up its competitive balance again this summer.


KLA offers a combined age group non-check spring league.

Eligible birth years are 2003-to-2008's.  This program is great for players trying to develop their game and stay active in the spring.  The league consists of a draft, 10 games & a final in late May; games will be played on Tuesdays  6:30pm.  This program runs from mid-March through June. 

Players should attend the evaluation, if you can't attend contact Hockey Director by email at  Players are required to provide USA Hockey registration.

KLA Summer 2017 Adult League Season


  • Games will start Tuesday, May 17th
  • 11 games total plus playoffs 
  • Games will be played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Schedule will be released once we determine how many teams we have


  • Cost will be $2750 per team for the season
  • Team that is paid in FULL before May 16th will receive a team discount 5%
  • First payment is due on or before May 16th - $1200
  • $15 cash must be given to the scorekeeper by each team prior to the start of the game
  • KLA's team will be considered "free agent" and the cost to be on that team is $230/player for season


  • FINAL payment will be due PRIOR to the start of the team's 5th game.  Failure to provide payment, WILL result in the team forfeiting the remaining games.
  • NO TEAM will be allowed to register for the new season, if they owe money from the previous season.
  • Any team that no shows a game or forfeits after 4pm on game day, will be responsible for ALL ice costs for that game, including score keepers and referee fees.

Eligibility/Age Requirements

  • Due to the shortened season, each player must play in a MINIMUM of 4 games in order to be eligible for playoffs.  Any player who does not meet this threshold will not be allowed to play in the playoffs.
  • Prior to the start of the season, each team shall provide KLA with a team roster, including jersey numbers and USA Hockey numbers.  
  • All players must sign in with a legible signature and jersey number prior to each game.  Any player who's signature is not legible or does not provide jersey number, will not get credit for that game.
  • All players must be registered with USA Hockey and player's registration number must be provided prior to that start of the season.
  • All players must be a minimum of 30 years old, at some point during the current season.  Exception is that a team may have 2 players under the age of 30, but not under 25 years old.
  • Age requirement for goaltenders is 18 years old. 

Alcohol Policy

  • At no point is alcohol permitted on the players benches during games.
  • All alcohol must be in cans, no bottles and must remain in locker rooms
  • All empty cans must be bagged and taken to the dumpster at the end of the evening.